Where’s joy?

Haven’t written in a while, but I’m back! So I started writing this blog to pen down what made me happy each day, so that I would take the effort to find one happy moment in each day. And the more I begin to actually seek happiness, the more I realise that it’s in the littlest things where I find the most joy. And the more I try to find these small happy moments, the more happy moments I actually create for myself!

It could be anything, finding the first flower bud on your plant, cooking a hearty meal you’ve always wanted to try, calling an old friend and catching up on old gossips or even just playing a favourite track and looking at the stars.

Sometimes we wonder where our life is taking us, will we actually achieve everything we’ve wanted to, and will we ever be happy. But we tend to forget that being happy is a process, not a goal to achieve. No one knows where you’re going to end up, or what you’ll end up doing, so just enjoy the journey! Enjoy those lazy days, soak in the aroma of that coffee you’re having with your favourite book, go get drenched in the rain if that’s what you feel like doing, because this is where happiness lies, in the journey.

So this was my happy moment today, enjoying an ice cream by the window while it drizzled, and listening to some good songs.

When you start to look for happiness in the little things, happiness just gets easier to find. So instead of finding that one big achievement to celebrate, celebrate the small stuff! I hope you find tons of reasons to be happy today.

Friendship day

Happy friendship day everyone! If I had to count the number of times my friends have been the reason for me being happy, I’d probably take years.

All those types of friends, there maybe the mom-friend who’s always there to give you advice and listen to your rants, the one friend who’s always ready for any plan you make, the neighbour-friend who’ll pop in anytime with freshly baked cookies to share with you. There’s the friend whom you can call at anytime, even in the middle of the night, and they’ll be there for you. The friend with whom you’re not always in touch, but when you get back together it’s like nothing ever changed. The friend who’s been with you since childhood. The friend you’ve recently met at your new job but bonded like crazy. The one friend with whom you have so much in common, they’re your soul mate!

So many happy, warm, sometimes tearful, or even crazy memories, with all of them. And I know in this situation you may not be able to spend this day with any one of them. But that doesn’t have to be sad. Maybe today is about being with yourself. Making some happy memories for yourself.

So today I whipped up my favourite dessert, vanilla custard, and watched one of my favourite sitcoms. And I loved it!

We tend to forget how important self care is, and today since we’ve all got a reason, and the time, why not? Once in a while we can listen to ourselves, we can bake some treats for ourselves. Get that crazy thing you always wanted to get for yourself. So happy friendship day to all kinds of friends, the mom-friend, the new friend, the crazy friend, and you, yourself.

Confetti From the Sky!

There are many who find monsoon a very gloomy season, but I really enjoy a nice long rain. It’s like the weather is telling us to take a break from work and look outside for a minute. One of my favourite things to do in the rain is to see how others enjoy it. Watching them gives me very strong feelings about them. Sometimes it’s a petite middle aged man calling out to his wife to leave her household chores and come enjoy the rain, and I feel that he probably gives the best hugs. Sometimes it’s a little girl stretching out of her window, probably looking for a rainbow, and I feel she is the kind who has the most creative ideas. Once I spotted an old lady pushing all her plants indoors to avoid getting them drenched, and I felt she probably makes soulful food. If I see a young guy letting a stray dog into his garage, he’s the one who makes me proud to be a human.

I love this about the rain, and it’s one of my favourite things to do. To observe people, and think of them as someone’s best friends, agony aunts or favourite chefs.

This is usually my happy moment on a rainy day.

Today as it rained I brought a cup of hazelnut coffee, and sat by the window, when I heard someone play beautiful melodies to accompany the pitter patter of the rain, and it made me smile. And I felt that they may be the kind who can make you smile even when you’re having a bad day.

The Tiny Visitor

I feel that memories have a very strong power in them. It’s more than just remembering a certain loved one’s smile, or the inexplicable taste of the best cheesecake you’ve ever had. It’s about actually taking you back to that old Saturday evening, and suddenly you’re back on the beach, smelling the salty ocean air, sand blowing into your hair, you can hear the laughter in the roaring wind and see your loved one smiling at the sunset. It’s about being back in the small bakery across the street, and you’re once again sharing that amazing cheesecake with an old friend, with a side of gossip and old, embarassing school stories.

Memories are about an entire emotion gushing back, bringing along old smiles, tears, tastes and tales. It’s really amazing how sometimes just a tune, or a smell can have so much power.

Today, it so happened that I stumbled across an old photograph, and while sitting on my sofa I was transported back to the chilly hills where I first encountered him.

Suddenly I was once again on that beautiful vacation in Sikkim, where I chanced upon this warm ball of fur and happiness. It was on the way to Tsomgo lake, which is in the East Sikkim District of the Indian state of Sikkim. It all came back, the surreal beauty of the mountains and the cool breeze hitting our face as we drove through snow capped valleys and clear blue skies.

Located at an elevation of 3753 metres (12,313 ft.), the view was simply breathtaking. Closing my eyes, I could hear my Dad’s laughter roar as we excitedly slid in the snow, I could the taste the delicious, hot thukpa, a Tibetian noodle soup we had after the climb, and I could feel the same warmth in my heart again as I did when the little puppy nuzzled against my palms on that day.

Isn’t it crazy, how meticulously our brain remembers certain things, and only on a few occasions do these details come gushing back to us.

I’m so happy this little puppy decided to give me a visit in my gallery, reliving these beautiful travel memories made me feel nostalgic and warm – my happy moment of the day!

It’s nice to take a moment out of our day to let our minds wander to these beautiful memories. So the next time time you hear a familiar tune, or chance upon an old photograph, I hope it does more than remind you of a smile or a cheesecake. I hope you get transported across memories, songs and stories, and I hope it makes your day.

Going Bananas!

Lazy Sunday mornings. Are there three words that could describe comfort any better? So today I woke up, still dizzy with sleep, strolled into my dining room, and there sitting before me was the nightmare of a youngster – a pair of black, over ripe bananas I’d completely forgotten existed.

Wow. Mushy bananas for breakfast? No thank you! I’m not a big fan of banana bread, so I was thinking of other ways I could utilize them, when I remembered the many recipe videos of smoothie bowls I’d come across while surfing the gram. I just find watching the videos therapeutic, so I have a lot of those posts coming up in my feed. And right then, I thought, why not? The bananas had to be consumed somehow, why not blitz it up into an aesthetic bowl of breakfast!

I went with safe flavours of cocoa and peanut butter, and almost with muscle memory from watching so many videos, I had my smoothie bowl ready to devour!

I tasted it, and yay! It was like dessert for breakfast! Wow, am I a healthy food influencer now, making fancy smoothie bowls for breakfast? Oh wait, I can hear my frozen chicken nuggets laugh from the freezer.

But everything else aside, I’m really happy the mushy bananas I woke up to turned into a really delicious and fun breakfast. And I hope your day takes a fun turn as well!

Muddy Ventures

The weekend brings out a complete different happiness, doesn’t it? Growing up, I promised myself I wouldn’t turn out to be the kind of person who looks forward to weekends. I wanted to be someone who looks forward to every day with equal excitement. Well I’m sorry little Sanah, 22-year-old Sanah waits as eagerly for weekends as you used to wait for summer vacations. And you know what, I like that feeling.

Getting done with work on Friday, treating myself to some good food, it almost feels rewarding. While most weekends are mostly about cooking experiments and finding new shows to watch, this weekend was different. I tried gardening!

I didn’t really check any tutorials before starting, just followed some basic steps and tips. Last week the heavy rain actually killed one of my potted flowering plants, so this was a way to use the mud and lonely pot. It will take 5-7 days for it germinate so I won’t know till then whether this attempt was fruitful.

But I did really enjoy the whole thing, digging the mud, removing the remains of my dead blue-flower plant (RIP sweetie) and planting my new coriander seeds!

So if all goes well, within the next weeks, I’ll be the girl who can rush to the balcony to pluck some fresh garnishing for her food from her herb garden! And I don’t think little Sanah would mind growing up to be that person.

First time for everything.

It’s funny how less we know what goes on inside our heads. Talking to someone helps us realize what’s going on with them, what they feel. Shouldn’t we all talk to ourselves more then, to get to know ourselves better? Haha, unfortunately talking to oneself is often termed as a symptom of losing one’s mind.

Connecting with myself wasn’t something I always wanted to do. I never felt like I might actually enjoy the process of self-discovery, and I still don’t know if I will. Nonetheless, writing a blog was something I always wanted to try out, so here I am.

This is my happy moment of today. Starting my first blog!

So here I begin a new journey, a digital one, to make myself look forward to the small joys in life, but mostly to pass the abundance of time Covid-19 has gifted me. I’ll leave this here, hoping to come back soon. In the meantime I’ll go get myself a bowl of ice-cream and watch Brooklyn-99, well, because a day can sure have two happy moments.

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